Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ann Ulanov on the Self as Analytic Fourth

In this paper Ulanov articulates the role of the Self in the analyst's countertransference.  She describes the presence of the Self, which from Jung's perspective is both a personal and transpersonal experience, as an analytic fourth - i.e. patient, analyst, co-created/co-emergent dyadic material of the analytic third, and the Self, as the analytic fourth, providing influence/perspective which extends beyond the personalistic:

"The fourth, the Self, must enter into the analytical encounter if it is to work...If I am correct in believing that the Self functions like a bridge to reality that transcends the psyche as well as dwells in it, then consciousness of consent summons a religious dimension, what Jung called that 'decisive question' we must answer: Are we related to the infinite or not?" (pp. 22-23)

Ann Ulanov (1999). Countertransference and the Self.  Journal of Jungian Theory and Practice, Vol 1, pp. 5 -26.

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