Saturday, March 1, 2014

Conference: Ronald Fairbairn and the Object Relations Tradition

Space still available for participation by video link:
Ronald Fairbairn and the Object Relations Tradition
At the Freud Museum London 
7th - 9th March 2014
Registrations for the full conference have sold out, but a limited number of discounted tickets are now available for a video link room.
 The presentations will be relayed on a screen in a room above the main conference room. The tickets include tea and coffee breaks and the reception at the Freud Museum on Saturday evening.  
The cost is £100 and £80 (plus £10 / £5 reduction for members of the Freud Museum, IPI and Essex University).  
Only weekend tickets are available.
For more information, or to register: 

Ronald Fairbairn was the father of object relations theory, which now permeates modern psychoanalytic thought. He developed a distinctive psychology of dynamic structure that began with the infant's need for relationships, and in which mental structure is based upon the relations between ego-structures and the internal objects that result from introjection and psychic modification of these early relationships. This conference will outline the basics of Fairbairn's contribution, and then explore the ramification and development of these ideas to clinical work, and broadly to applications in modern psychoanalytic thinking.

Friday March 7
Opening Panel: Internalization and the Status of Internal Objects
Norka Malberg: On Being Recognized 
Viviane Green: Internal objects: Fantasy, Experience and History Intersecting?
David Scharff: Internal Objects and External Experience
Saturday, March 8
Presentations and Discussion
Marie Hoffman: Fairbairn and Religion
James Poulton: Philosophical Foundations of Fairbairn
Gal Gerson: Hegelian Themes in Fairbairn's Work
Steven Levine: Fairbairn's Theory of the Visual Arts and its Influence 
Johnathan Sklar: Discussion of Steven Levine's Presentation
Joseph Schwartz: Fairbairn and the Good Object: A bone of contention  
Molly Ludlam: Fairbairn and the Couple - Still a Creative Threesome?
Jill Scharff: Fairbairn's Clinical Theory
Panel: Psychic Growth
Lesley Caldwell: Being at Home with One's Self: the Condition of Psychic Aliveness?
Anne Alvarez: Paranoid-Schizoid Position or Paranoid and Schizoid Positions?
Graham Clarke: Psychic Growth and Creativity
Wine and Cheese Reception
Fairbairn and the Object Relations Tradition (Karnac Books)  
on sale in museum shop
Sunday, March 9
Presentations and Discussion
Eleanore Armstrong-Perlman: The Zealots and the Blind: Sexual Abuse Scandals from Freud to Fairbairn
Carlos Rodriguez-Sutil: Fairbairn's Contribution to Understanding Personality Disorders
Valerie Sinason: Abuse, Trauma and Multiplicity
Ruben Basili: Recent Work from Argentina's Espacio Fairbairn
Video Reflections on Fairbairn from Otto Kernberg and John Sutherland
Hilary Beattie: Fairbairn and Homosexuality: Personal Struggles amid Psychoanalytic Controversy
Panel: Groups, Social Issues and the Social Unconscious
Earl Hopper, Chair and Discussant 
Julian Lousada: Psychoanalysis Goes to Market ?
Stephen Frosh: What Passes, Passes By: Why the Psychosocial is Not (Just) Relational
Ron Aviram: The Large Group in the Mind (With Special Reference to Prejudice, War, and Terrorism)
Closing Group Discussion
Graham Clarke, Ivan Ward and David Scharff, Co-Chairs


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