Saturday, March 18, 2017

Forthcoming 2018: Interpretation in Jungian Analysis: Art and Technique

Analytic interpretation is fundamental to the process of psychoanalysis, Jungian analysis, and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Interpretation is a primary medium by which the psychoanalytic art form is transmitted. What one chooses to say in analysis, why one chooses that particular thing to say, how one says it, when one says it - these are some of the building blocks of the interpretive process. This volume will provide those studying Analytical Psychology with the requisite knowledge and tools to competently and creatively incorporate the technique of interpretation. More specifically, readers will learn to differentiate between interpretative and non-interpretive interventions in therapy/analysis; explore of the origins of the interpretive process within psychoanalytic and Jungian frameworks; differentiate various levels and styles of interpretation; and examine particular uses of language in interpretation. Clinical examples will be provided throughout to illustrate the clinical technique of interpretation.

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