Thursday, July 26, 2018

Interpretation in Jungian Analysis is Available Now!

I'm delighted to announce that my new book, Interpretation in Jungian Analysis, is now in print and available from Routledge at 20% discount and with free shipping. It will also be available from Amazon no later than Aug. 8th. My thanks to those who have already pre-ordered. Click Here

This volume is the first of its kind in the literature of analytical psychology. Until now, the process of interpretation has been addressed only briefly in general Jungian texts. Interpretation in Jungian Analysis provides an in-depth exploration of the process, including the history of analytic technique, the role of language in analytic therapy, the poetics and metaphor of interpretation, and the relationship between interpretation and the analytic attitude. In addition, the steps involved with the creation of clear, meaningful, and transformative interpretations are plainly outlined. Throughout the book, clinical examples and reader exercises are provided to deepen the learning experience. The influence of the Jungian perspective on the interpretative process is outlined, as are the use of analytic reverie and confrontation during the analytic process.

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